Meet the Team

Samantha Jill Anderson
Host, OTP News – Washington

I am a journalist because I love asking questions and seeking out answers. I am a storyteller and have a passion for sharing new ideas, events, and happenings with my readers, listeners, and viewers!

Ani Kasparian
Host, OTP News – Washington

I am a journalist because I am an educator first. With all of my languages, I want to be able to spread correct information to the world for a more educated and accepting community.

Timi Awoyinka
Host, OTP Podcasts

I’m a storyteller because the world needs to know the truth. Even if it’s just Over Drinks.

Nadine Bourne
Host, OTP Podcasts

I am a journalist because I want to share the stories that mostly overlooked. I want to share race and culture stories and also the arts.

Goa Zhu
Host/Correspondent OTP News – Washington

I’m attracted to the art of storytelling and I believe that it’s an important job to have, as you are constantly informing the public.

Ivy Lyons
Project Director – OTP Projects

I am in love with storytelling, engagement, and representation in the creation and production of news – ethically providing accuracy, contextualization, and clarity.

Moriah McReynolds
Associate Producer – OTP Projects

True freedom and democracy simply cannot exist without ethical journalism. I am a journalist because I know that truth, accuracy, and accountability are key to living in an educated, inclusive and successful society.

Allison Hageman
Assistant Producer, OTP Projects

I enjoy telling peoples stories and learning new information when I am reporting a story. I believe journalism is especially important now to reveal the impact of COVID-19, sharing new information, and showcasing someones work to the community that they otherwise would not know.

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