OTP WASHINGTON: The Capitol Riots

Nadine Bourne 0:26Just under 90 days have passed since this moment. Sen. Lankford 0:31My challenge today is not about the good people of Arizona. Sen. Grassley 0:37The Senate will stand in recess until the call of the chair Sen. Lankford 0:42We’ll pause. Thank you Nadine Bourne 0:46But what exactly happened my day has been locked […]

OTP NEWS WASHINGTON – Election Nights in America

EDITOR’S NOTE: While Vice President Kamala Harris is, indeed, the first female vice president, and the first woman of color, she is not the first person of color to hold the office of Vice President. That honor goes to Charles Curtis, a member of the Kaw Nation and the Vice President to President Herbert Hoover. […]


SAMANTHA JILL ANDERSONGood day and thank you for joining us. I’m Samantha Jill Anderson and this is the inaugural episode of on the pulse Daily News ANI KASPARIANAnd I’m on the cusp buried. Under normal circumstances, this show would have featured these amazing guests in a bright and lively enclosed space. a gathering of our […]


TORONTO-Last Friday, Mayor Ford has announced that Toronto will be back to Stage 2 of re-opening due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases. According to CP24, Toronto, Ottawa, and Peel Region will close down gyms, movie theatres, and all in-room dining for 28 days. This comes just before the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. As of […]

PANEL: Classes and Covid-19

SAMANTHA JILL ANDERSONWe are back and our panel is joining us now. Nadine Bourne is on the post Washington’s podcast hosts. She’s a current graduate student at Georgetown University’s Master’s in journalism program, acting as a freelance journalist and radio and broadcasting. Elena Kefalogianni is also a master student in Georgetown University’s journalism program and […]

RESEARCH STOP: Who’s reading student news?

SAMANTHA JILL ANDERSONThank you for sticking with us and welcome back to the program. The past few weeks have been filled with political turmoil to the detriment of one party or another. But our producers ask themselves what student journalists around the country are saying instead, schools and their student media outlets around the country […]


EDITOR’S NOTE: The images included in this story were of the University of Illinois and campuses in Illinois. This story did not include photography of the Illinois State University campus. SAMANTHA JILL ANDERSONGood day and thank you for joining us. I’m Samantha Jill Anderson and this is the inaugural episode of on the pulse Daily […]

Our Ethical considerations

We will be incorporating several guidelines from various organizations. The first guideline will be entirely based around the integration of a mission for student news and student views.                We first, and foremost, exist as a group of students dedicated to our education. We commit to providing for a dedicated public forum which provides space […]

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