TORONTO-Last Friday, Mayor Ford has announced that Toronto will be back to Stage 2 of re-opening due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases. According to CP24, Toronto, Ottawa, and Peel Region will close down gyms, movie theatres, and all in-room dining for 28 days. This comes just before the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

As of the news segment displayed above, it describes the Stage 3 of re-opening within the North York region in Toronto during the summer months of 2020. 

In the Don Mills Plaza situated in North York, many non-essential businesses are slowly re-opening but with some restrictions be in place.

“As mandated by the Canadian government, cash in restaurants should be eliminated or minimized, masks are now required indoors as of Aug 5th, and it’s becoming more common for customers to have their temperature taken when they enter restaurants.”

“Cosmetic chains, such as Sephora and Beauty Boutique by Shoppers, is not allowing any customers to try on make-up. Instead, they take a cotton swab and swipe it on a white piece of paper for people to see the different shades in make-up.”






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